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Olga Khoreva



Valeria, a cleaning lady lives a simple life of melancholic routine. In the apartment where she has to carry out her work, however, strange events and bizarre visions slowly involve her in the unhappy epilogue of a love story that took place in the past between two young people, a relationship that ended suddenly due to war. He could be the man whose return she still awaits. A poetic story narrated with a bit of thrill and mystery in which boundaries between reality and imagination are blurred.

Cast & Crew

Kolya Neukoelln
Anastasia Belova
Pavel Ilin

Ruslan Mamedov
Olga Khoreva

Olga Khoreva
Nadezhda Grishaeva
Alexey Pinchuk
Lidia Matveeva
Elena Sumina

Director's Biography

Olga was born in 1983 in St. Petersburg. After her diploma in acting from the “ Academy of Dramatic Art", she worked for 10 years at the Theatre "School of Dramatic Art" in Moscow. She still collaborates as an actress with the "Stanislavsky Electrotheatre” of Moscow. As an acting teacher, she worked both in Russia and Europe, specializing in Demidov training methods for actors. As an actress, she is a multiple winner at International Festivals. In 2023 she graduated as a director in the “School of High Formation for directors and screenwriters G.N.DaneliShe shot several studio films. The short film "Valeria" is her first debut work.

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