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Ahmed Berramdane, Abderrahim Sebti, Mohamed Diaa Djaballah



A journey through the ancient ruins of Tipasa, Algeria, and an exploration of the importance of heritage.

Cast & Crew

Mohamed Diaa Djaballah
Writer - Mohamed Diaa Djaballah
Ahmed Berramdane

Ahmed Berramdane
Abderrahim Sebti
Mohamed Diaa Djaballah

Abderrahim Sebti

Director's Biography

Ahmed Berramdane, I am Ahmed Berramdane, a 20-year-old biomedical engineering student and filmmaker from Algeria. I am passionate about telling stories that reflect the diversity and richness of my culture. My first short film, TIPASA, won the "My Heritage" competition organized by the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage. I am also a dedicated volunteer and have held numerous leadership positions, I am a versatile individual with a passion for technology, cinema, music, and a lot of people say that I have an old soul. Abderrahim Sebti, Abderrahim Sebti , 21 years old, Biomedical engineering student with a passion for merging science and technology to improve healthcare. Outside the lab, I immerse myself in the art of cinematography, capturing stories through the lens and bringing a creative perspective to life's narratives. Striving to blend the precision of engineering with the artistry of filmmaking, I find joy in the intersection of two seemingly diverse worlds. Mohamed Diaa Djaballah Introducing Djaballah Mohamed Diaa: Algerian, 22 years old. A graduate of the Higher School of Management with a focus on Business Strategies. the voice behind "DOZART," the podcast exploring art and culture.

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