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The Grave - Jar


Sinan Uzun



Four little friends who earn money by praying, carrying water, and selling flowers in the cemetery in their spare time, while working as opponents, begin a union where they will share their earnings equally with the suggestion of the cemetery guard Mürsel. One day, the children who witness the existence of Ramazan sleeping in the cemetery decide to save up money for his dream of going to Istanbul. Realizing that Ramazan has witnessed his parents’ death in the past, and is being followed by the killer who saw him, children want to protect him. Growing up away from his father, Mustafa tries to prove to his father that he is not afraid of darkness and loneliness. Mustafa invites the orphaned Ramazan to their home on the eve of bairam. Impressed by his father’s praise at dinner for Ramazan’s courage, who has been sleeping in the cemetery, Mustafa runs away from home to spend the night in the cemetery. That night, Ramazan’s family’s murderer comes to the cemetery to kill Ramazan, an eyewitness, and kills Mustafa instead of him.

Cast & Crew

Kaya İrfan Uzun
Dolunay Melek Can
Hüseyin Efe Kaya
Hasan Özpolat
İbrahim Ayna
Gazi Şeker

Sinan Uzun

Pelin Uzun

Director's Biography

Sinan Uzun was born in 1984 in Ankara. He graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Economics in 2007. He studied photography at Izmir Photography Academy. Since 2006, he has worked as a cameraman, picture selector, director, and editor-in-chief in different fields of the television industry. While continuing his television career, he participated in various national and international festivals and won awards for his short films. His first feature film "ADIM ADIM" won the "Best Film" award at the JAGRAN (India) Film Festival, where he premiered. In May 2018, his second feature film "AZRAİLLE DANCE" was released. With this film, he won the "Special Jury Award" at the 2nd International Artemis Film Festival in 2019. His third feature film "EL-ZEBIR", which he shot in February 2020, will be released in October 2022.

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