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International Documentary Section

The Golden Thread

Nishtha Jain

82 MINS / HINDI / INDIA / 2022


A few jute mills crank on outside Kolkata, virtually unchanged since the Industrial Revolution. Powered by steam and sweat, work is a dance to the dictate of profit and century-old machines. The Golden Thread follows the weft and warp of jute work alongside the creative labour of the film's ownmaking.In this near dystopian industrial town can there be a potential for a collective re-imagination?

Cast & Crew

WRITER: Nishta Jain

PRODUCER: Nishta Jain, Irena Taskovski

DOP: Rakesh Haridas

EDITOR: Alexander Goekjian, Nishta Jain

Director's Biography

Nishtha Jain is a prominent Indian film director and producer best known for her documentaries like Gulabi Gang (2012), Lakshmi and Me (2007) and City of Photos (2004). Her films interrogate lived experience at the intersection of gender, caste and class. They explore the political in the personal and uncover the mechanisms of privilege. In addition to documentary film, she's been working across various platforms including narrative (Saboot/Proof [2019]) and virtual reality (Submerged[2016]). Her training began at A.J.K. Mass Communication Research Centre at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. She then worked as an editor and correspondent for video news magazines Newstrack and Eyewitness. After this, she studied at Film and Television Institute of India, specializing in film direction. She has served at many International Film Juries across the world.

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