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International Shorts Section

No Way Around It

Elsa Pottier



Mary’s marriage is at a dead end. One day he’s hot, the next he’s cold. She turns to best friend Rachel for guidance…The unwitting involvement of her friend adds a layer of complexity to their predicament that goes far beyond their intentions. They both try to come up with a plan to escape the incident.

Cast & Crew

CAST: Alejandra Abrines, Imed Kharrat, Elsa Pottier
DIRECTOR: Elsa Pottier
WRITER: Alejandra Abrines, Elsa Pottier

Director's Biography

Elsa is a French and Canadian actress and director. She studied theater and acting for films in Montreal where she grew up and moved to Paris later where she acted in various Plays. She completed her degree in cinema at Sorbonne University while living in the Middle East where she worked as an actress and director for over 10 years. Her love for storytelling and her multicultural experiences have led her to become more involved in projects that will expand visions of women's stories and building bridges between cultures.

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