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Donkey Head

Agam Darshi



Mona Ghuman (37) was always the outlier of the family. When her unhealthy and rebellious life comes crashing down by a serious car accident, Mona moves back into her traditional South Asian father’s house. What was meant to be a few months of rent-free sobriety turns into seven isolated years caring for her cancer-stricken father. When her father suffers a severe stroke Mona’s three successful siblings, (Rup, Sandy and Mona’s twin brother Parm) return back to the family home with a mission to fix and to help, causing Mona’s insecurities about her own unfulfilled life to deepen.The siblings soon learn their father had planned to leave all of his assets to his favourite child Parm, causing family tensions to erupt and pushing Mona to her edge. When their father passes away, Rup, Sandy and Parm make the funeral arrangements and tie up the loose ends of the family estate. In her grief, Mona falls apart and reacts in old destructive ways until she discovers that maybe she isn’t the messy, damaged woman she always thought of herself as.

Cast & Crew

Agam Darshi
Kim Coates
Stephen Lobo
Sandy Sidhu
Huse Madhavji
Marvin Ishmael
Balinder Johal
Cavan Cunningham

Agam Darshi

Anand Ramayya
Kelly Balon
Agam Darshi

Leonardo Harim

Bridget Durnford

Alessandro Juliani

Director's Biography

AGAM DARSHI is an award-winning storyteller: actress/writer/director and producer. Born in England and raised all over Canada, she is currently residing in Vancouver BC. Agam has a BFA in visual arts and theatre from the University of Calgary, and a certificate in screenwriting from the Langara Film Arts Program. She has been a professional actress for over sixteen years, working internationally and garnering awards. She recently wrapped as a lead on Deepa Mehta’s newest film FUNNY BOY based on Shyam Selvadurai’s best selling novel. This year Agam was nominated for best supporting actress in the feature film KINGSWAY, written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Bruce Sweeney, which premiered at TIFF. In 2018 Agam won her third Leo Award for her role in DIRK GENTLY HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY (BBC), starring Elijah Wood. Agam has starred in numerous TV series such as PLAYED (CTV), SANCTUARY (SYFY) and DAN FOR MAYOR (CTV). She was also a lead in Emmy-winner Jason Katims’ pilot COUNTY (NBC) and worked alongside actors such as Michael B. Jordan, Carrie Anne Moss, Jason Ritter, Jessica Alba and many others. Agam can be seen recurring on YOU ME HER (DIRECT TV), and the GOOD DOCTOR (ABC), and THE GIFTED (CW).

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