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Estephan Khattar, Layal Akiki



Racing against time, a dedicated actress scrambles to prepare for an unexpected casting call, juggling her lines, look, and the road ahead. However, the casting Director has no clue to the role and position of the character in the Script, if one exists.

Cast & Crew

CAST: Sarah Atallah
WRITER: Sarah Atallah
EDITOR: Layal Akiki and Estephan Khattar

Director's Biography

Lebanese filmmakers Layal Akiki and Estéphan Khattar, graduates of the Lebanese University's Faculty of Fine Arts II with a Master's degree in Cinema, have united their creative prowess and friendship for a decade-long collaboration that has developed a unique storytelling style. Layal, a director with a passion for animation, boasts awards for her globally acclaimed short film "Pick Me Up" and her work in motion graphics. Estéphan has earned recognition for his shorts and TV series, leading to his selection as a Film Independent and Global Media Makers Fellow for his debut feature film “Summer 58” in 2023.

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