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Autumn Flies

Bijoyar Pore

Abhijit Sri Das



The elderly couple, Ananda Roy and Alokananda Roy, eagerly await their family's annual gathering during the festival. The couple's boring life becomes vibrant as the annual festival of Durga Puja nears and their children and grandchildren reunite. This year holds special significance as their daughter, Mrinmoyee, visits with her husband, Mizanoor, for the first time since their marriage. Meanwhile, their sons Kumar and Ujaan plan to convert the family home into a homestay without considering their parents' feelings. On the final day of the festival, just when Ananda wants to share cherished memories with his family, he passes away before everyone’s arrival. Devastated, Aloka conceals the news and creates the illusion of Ananda's presence to unite the family as he had desired . Amidst light moments, Aloka overhears her children's arguments and their plans for the family home. Unable to bear the pain, she reveals Ananda's death and asks her children to pay their last respects with a Bijoya Pronam.

Cast & Crew

Mamata Shankar
Deepankar De
Swastika Mukhopadhyay
Mir Afsar Ali
Rwitobrata Mukherjee
Kheya Chattopadhyay

Abhijit Sri Das

Sujit Raha

Director's Biography

Abhijit Sri Das is a multifaceted Indian creative professional. With a deep passion for cinema, he ventured into independent filmmaking, screenwriting, advertising filmmaking, production design, editing, radio presenting, TV hosting, theater artistry, and painting. This is his debut film.

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